In Memorium
Justin Thomas  1987-2006
Justin, a fellow traffic light collector and friend, tragically died from injuries sustained in an accident while installing traffic lights.

Justin collected traffic signals as a hobby, and had just started working for a traffic signal contractor. This was his life long dream, to actually work with real signals as a signal tech on the street!

Thursday night January 26, 2006,  Justin was in a very bad accident at work involving a tractor trailer and his bucket truck. He was in the bucket truck installing a new signal as the local police department was directing traffic due to all the signals being shut down. His lane was coned off as a tractor trailer passed through his work zone at a high rate of speed. The tractor trailer's exhaust pipe struck the bucket Justin was working in, breaking it off the mast arm of the bucket truck and destroying his safety harness. Justin then rolled down the entire length of the trailer before hitting the ground. He was flown by helicopter to the nearest major trauma hospital with major head trauma and put on life support. Unfortunately, Justin passed away due to his severe brain injuries on January 31, 2006.
He had just turned 19 in October.

Justin, may you rest in peace. Our Prayers go out for you and your family. You will be greatly missed!

The Stoplight Zone