Signal Animation
The Stoplight Zone
        Art Deco / Pedestrian Signal Combo
Pictured above is my antique Art Deco / Ped combo signal. I restored both of them literally...
FROM THE DEAD! (add scary echo here) The ped signal used to be a three light signal with a broken amber lens and a broken mirror. It also had two holes drilled into the side of it where I imagine some kind of sign had been attached at one time or another. I replaced the broken mirror and broken lens with an orange "WAIT" lens, and after much searching, replaced the green lens with a "WALK". Directly to the right is the matching 3-light Art Deco signal. I sandblasted both lights, filled in the holes with bondo and sanded them down, primed and painted them, replaced the wiring and broken mirror. And here we have the result. A finely restored antique signal. Currently, this signal is controlled by my NEMA cabinet.