For EVERY Dukes Fan out there! This is a FUN and Exciting Club to be a part of! It also has a General Lee Registry of Replica Generals, and REAL Generals too!
Wanna BUILD ONE? Here are two places to find all the accessories you'll need to BUILD your very own GENERAL LEE! Everything from DECALS to PUSH BARS & ROLL BARS,they have it all!
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Visit the Canadian Dukes of Hazzard Fan Club at:
James and Bob Smith have worked with the original Warner Bros General Lee pit crew,made stunt General Lee's and Squad cars for the original Dukes of Hazzard Stuntmen, and provided their services to official nationwide Dukes of Hazzard events! If you want to build a GENERAL LEE, and do it right, the Smith Bros are the guys to see!
The Confederate General Lee Fan Club, originating from Arkansas, as a non-profit group which supports Special Olympics.

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