Here is a picture of my Rob Louisell Two-TV dash, just out of the fiberglass mold. Openings for the electronics not yet cut out.
                                   This is as basic as it gets!
Next, comes the Two-TV Dash Electronics! The brains of K.I.T.T. if you will... The electronics were made by Brenon Fulbright of Lectric Enterprises. The countdown displays were made by Christian Forget of Jupiter Electronics. And the dash overlays for the electronics were made by Brian Thone of Knight Customs. All the best stuff in my opinion.
Work continues on my Rob Louisell Two-TV dash, the openings for the electronics now cut out, and my voice box bezel made by Bo McDonald is installed.
As the work continues, the remote pods are glassed onto the dash and new gullwing steering wheel is test fitted.
The openings for the electronics now cut out, my voice box bezel and dash overlays for the electronics are installed, and a nice coat of flat black paint. Won't be long now!
With the dash upside down, the electronics are fixed to the dash, and wired up and tested, it was now ready for installation in the car.
And finally, a picture of the dash installed! It took nearly two years to get to this point, but the end result is nothing less than spectacular!
Below are pictures of the old to new dash conversion.
Here is a picture of the old dash with it's round steering wheel and cool airplane like gauges.
Before I had the dash, I had the front end, and the steering wheel. So, I decided to put the new gullwing steering wheel on the car while I waited for the dash to be completed.
I think this looks more like an airplane dash with this wheel! Looks like it belongs on the car!
With the electronic dash completed and ready for installation, it was time do take the old dash out, put in a new wiring harness for the electronics, and put the new dash in!
The new dash in, and being wired up and tested.
This car originally came with the "T" style 1983 gear shift. I have removed the old gear shift, and made a custom plastic piece, and replaced the 83 "T" style shifter with a 1982 shifter. The lower console is from Rob Louisell, and will soon have buttons added to it, along with the power window and power mirror switches.