Taking the car apart can be difficult, but in the end has to be done to due a proper paint job. And it is easy compared to the paint and bodywork that goes into making the car really shine. 
Grinding off old pinstripe and decals...removing the mirrors and door trim... hood, headlights, tail lights, the rear spoiler, hubcaps...all of it had to come off.
After all the work of taking the car apart... comes the body work... now we skip ahead to the paint booth. The car was first misted with the green primer etcher, and then sealed with a black base primer. Next more sanding and prep work. And then a nice gray primer is sprayed on.
After that, more sanding... and more sanding... then a nice base coat of color! Finally, it won't be long now! Nice jet black paint. About two or three coats of this leaves the car looking dull and chalky... like grandma's swing set in the back yard! Time to add two coats of clear for that shine!
When the paint dries, then time to buff it all out..... And Viola! K.I.T.T is born! Now time to put all the stuff we took off, back on, and then the car is finished!