This page shows removal of the stock Pontiac Trans-Am front bumper, and installation of the Knight Rider fiberglass front end. There was a lot of work that went into getting this part of the conversion to look right. The fenders had to be pulled out or pushed in, depending on what side you were looking at. Holes in the fenders where the ground effects used to be, had to be welded up and filled. Then the new front end had to be test fitted to the car to know where to drill the holes for the mounting bolts. Once on the car, the front end was sanded and blended into the fenders with body filler. All and all, this was a difficult part of the body work process. The front end was put on, and taken off of the car about 5 times! But in the end, it came out pretty nice.  But first things first... the fog lights and their mounts had to be made.
First, the old front end is removed, and measured for the fog lights and their spacing.
Then, using cut down paint stirs, I transferred the measurments to aluminum flat bar for cutting and then bolting to the car. Also, the headlight bezels had to be trimmed back so the headlights would open and close with the new front end.
It turned out pretty nice!