Welcome to what is without a doubt, the most important page on George Francis Online!

Welcome to the God Page.

Have you ever wondered about how we got here? Take a good look around, how amazingly intricate the world is that we live in. How amazing the human body is, with all of it's functions. Especially the farting and peeing functions! There can be no doubt, we are the result of a well thought out and implemented plan by an amazing designer. God.

Think about this... This website didn't just come about by chance. There wasn't some crazy  Big Bang, and voila, from the nothingness of the Internet, comes this amazing website George Francis Online!.…
I had to first think about the website. What did I want it to be? What elements did I need to build it? Pictures, stories, and basic design. How would these elements come together to form the completed website?
A website that of course, is NEVER really finished.

You see, There was a lot of forward thinking and planning involved, Just like everything else you see in the world. We humans are by nature, planners. We first set out a plan and then we perform the required steps to execute that plan. It is not surprising since God is the master planner and we are made in His image, that we are this way. Children usually follow in their parents footsteps...

Have you ever really thought about the big bang theory? The world we live in with all of the amazing living things in it. That all of it was brought about just by chance? Does anyone know gambling odds? Wouldn't people be winning the lottery every day if they did? I am a HUGE fan of science. I love knowing how things work right down to their inth degree. But science contradicts itself with the Big Bang Theory. Remember, the science experiment way back in eighth grade? Where you had the two flasks with meat in them... and one was covered, and the other was not... and after a week, you would see which one of them produced flies? The whole point of that experiment was, that life comes from life, and life doesn't come from non-life. Remember? Well, a day or so later, sure enough the flies would come and lay eggs in the exposed meat, and soon after flies would be hatched. But, NOTHING happened with the meat that was in the covered flask, because flies couldn't get to it. Yet science would have us believe, Life CANNOT come from non-life, but for some reason, it did this one time with this big random accidental explosion out of nothing... The Big Bang Theory is just that. A bad theory with no basis in reality. I could sit around and theorize that Hitler was a nice person deep down inside, and was just misunderstood... That doesn't make the theory TRUE! 

What IS TRUE for all of us is that God designed and created us in His image. And that He sent His only Son Jesus to die for us, so that we might have eternal life with Him in Heaven. We are not the result of some accident. Each of us are unique and are far more advanced than anything man could come up with. We all have been given different gifts, talents and abilities.

I would encourage anyone reading this to think about life. Honestly think about how we got here and where we go when our time here on earth is up. Think about Eternity! We are on this earth for maybe 80 to 100 years max. What is that compared to Eternity?

Ask Jesus to come into your heart and He WILL save you from your sins and GIVE you Eternal Life!