This beacon was built from the ground up from spare 4-way parts from all over the country. I purchased it from our mutual friend from The SignalFan's Club, Richard Darmochwal. Also known as Rich192. I added the commands lenses, the clear lens in the bottom, and the hanger at the top. It is controlled by my Crouse-Hinds flasher cabinet. This way the beacon flashes independently of the normally functioning signals! Some of you have emailed me wanting to know the history of the beacon and how it came to be, so I have created this page.
Rich sent me a picture of his Eagle 4-way beacon to put up on the Beacon Page, and I told him how I was SO wanting to have one for myself. He told me he was starting on restoration of a GE, and I asked him if he would sell it to me. Right away after I asked the question, I braced myself for a "NO, sorry". Thank goodness he said YES! So, I bought it from him right then and there!

The beacon is made up from a bunch of old parts from other signals. The top had a big hole in it, and melted aluminum was poured over it to fill the hole. Then it was sanded down and shaped.
He also didn't have any of the original reflectors, lenses, or hanger. He made some interesting prototype replacement reflectors for the GE, complete with new sockets.


He painted it for me and sent me the replacement reflectors....          
ORIGINAL GE LENSES                                   
BEFORE                                                AFTER
A while back, I had a terrible mishap, when all twelve of my freshly repainted "GO" "CAUTION" "STOP" commands lenses fell to the floor and broke into a million pieces! I was heart broken, but with the help of some good signal friends, and ebay, I was able to replace them. And while replacing them, I decided to get two extra "STOPs" and two extra "CAUTIONs" just for the purpose of putting them into a beacon later on. So when Rich said that he didn't have the original GE's there wasn't a problem! I couldn't locate a CLEAR 8 inch glass lens for the bottom of the signal, so I used a Poly lens made by Dialight commonly used in their GREEN LED indications.
My COMMANDS Replacements & CLEAR       Poly Lens for the bottom of the light.
I added the wiring, lenses, and hanger....
And now you have the full history of how my GE 4-way beacon came to be! While it is made up of several signals, this signal already has an interesting history! And an interesting future as well!                                 I hope that you enjoy my beacon as much as I do!
4-Way Beacon
The Stoplight Zone