Eagle Mark IV 8 Doghouse / Automatic LFE Combo
The story of these lights is kind of a funny one. My friend and I were on a road trip to Greenville, North Carolina to pick up my yellow 4 phase NEMA cabinet. This was a 14 hour round trip so we were both very tired. My friend had been asleep in the passenger seat when he woke up and looked out the window just in time to see a huge mountain of stoplights in a guy's front yard in the middle of no where! "turn around! STOPLIGHTS!" he said.... so we turned around and drove back to this guy's house to find the Mecca of all stoplight piles! So basically, long story short, I ended up getting a lot of stuff from him, as well as building a light from scratch right there in his yard! The doghouse is an Eagle MARK IV with the round back. The signal beside it is an Automatic/LFE. This set up is controlled by my yellow 4 phase NEMA cabinet.
Signal Animation
The Stoplight Zone