Here is an animation of my Poly Eagle Durasigs, with LED Man / Hand Kentron 12 inch poly pedestrian signals. For download times sake, I have omitted the ped phase, as they operate just like any current ped phase does. When I put my second NEMA cabinet together, (silver box) I needed two signals for it to control. Well, I didn't feel like going thru the usual sandblasting, rewiring, repainting deal... I just wanted two signals quick that looked nice. While at a toll booth I saw a signal that looked nice and was compact. It was an Eagle Durasig, so I bought these two brand new from a signal supplier. Another interseting note about this set up is the LED pedestrian Kentron Peds. The hand is RED and the man is GREEN.... A MUTCD no no! But I like them because they are different! This set up is controlled by my silver Two-Phase NEMA Cabinet. The controller in the cabinet is a Transyt 1880E.
                                     Eagle Durasigs
with LED Man / Hand Kentron 12 inch poly pedestrian signals
Signal Animation
The Stoplight Zone